PC Fax-ICMF 6500

Article ID: ART124717 | Date published: 05/12/2015 | Date last updated: 10/16/2015


Sending a fax from your computer


PC Faxing (MF6550/6560/6580 Only)

Follow this procedure to send a fax from your computer.

Make sure that the printer driver is installed.

  1. Start the print command.

    From an open document on an application, click [File], [Print].

  2. Select the Fax.

    Select the fax icon ([Canon MF6500 Series (FAX)]), then click [Print] or [OK].

  3. Set the Destination.

    Specify the name and fax number in [Sending Settings], then click [Add to Recipient List].

    If you want to send a fax with a cover sheet, click the [Cover Sheet] tab and set the format for the cover sheet attachment.

  4. Send the document

    Click [OK] in the Fax Sending Settings.



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