Using a Powershot Digital Camera AC adapters and battery chargers overseas.

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Using a Powershot Digital Camera AC adapters and battery chargers overseas.


Can my Powershot Digital Camera be used overseas?

Overseas use of PowerShot cameras

Yes. The power supplies and battery chargers supplied with all PowerShot Digital Cameras are designed to work on input voltages from 100-240 volts (50/60 Hz). The only item that you may need is a plug adapter that allows you to plug the U.S. type power supply or battery charger into the foreign type wall outlet. Plug adapters should be easily available at a local electronics store.

Represents Battery charger, Power Adapter, Plug in AA battery chargers etc.*

Plug adapter ( The configuration differs between countries or areas. Purchase the necessary adapter for the region of the world you with to use our power supplies in.)

Represents the Power Outlet you may encounter in a foreign country. ( The configuration may differ between countries or areas.)

* Please note that for your model the battery charger or power adapter may vary from the one shown. All voltage input ranges are printed on each power accessory.


- Do not connect the compact power adapter or the battery charger to an electric transformer (for overseas use). It may cause the camera to malfunction, become hot, catch fire, or result in electrical shock or physical harm.

- Use of genuine Canon accessories is recommended. This product is designed to achieve optimal performance when used with genuine Canon accessories.

- Canon shall not be liable for any damage to this product and/or accidents such as fire, etc., caused by the malfunction of non-genuine Canon accessories (e.g., a leakage and/or explosion of a battery pack). Please note that this warranty does not apply to repairs arising from the malfunction of non-genuine Canon accessories, although you may request such repairs on a chargeable basis.



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