Using clock mode PowerShot SD400, SD430 and SD500

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Using clock mode PowerShot SD400, SD430 and SD500


Using the Clock

You can display the current date and time for a 5-second* interval using the following methods. This is convenient for confirming the shooting date and time.

*Default setting

To display the clock mode

  • Hold the <FUNC./SET> Button While Pressing the <ON/OFF> Button.

    • The start-up image will not display at startup, also the start-up sound will not play.
    • The Date/Time menu will display if the time has not been set.
    • The Display Off function will not work while the clock display is on.

  • Press and Hold the <FUNC./SET> Button in Shooting Mode

The clock display will differ according to the camera orientation.

  • Camera held horizontally: only the time displays
  • Camera held vertically: the time and date display

While the clock display is on, you can change the display color by pressing the or button.

The clock display will cease when the display interval is over or when you operate any one of the <FUNC./SET>, <MENU> or Shutter buttons or the mode switch.

  • The clock cannot be displayed when menus are displayed with the <MENU> button.
  • The clock's display interval can be changed in the (Set up) menu



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