Scanning with the MF Toolbox 4.9

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Scanning with the MF Toolbox 4.9


Scanning with the MF Toolbox 4.9

You can scan a document using the buttons on the MF Toolbox.

  1. Set documents.

  2. On the Windows desktop, double-click [Canon MF Toolbox 4.9].
    You can also open the MF Toolbox by clicking [Start] on the Windows task bar, [(All) Programs], [Canon], [MF Toolbox 4.9], [Toolbox 4.9].

  3. Click one of the scanning buttons below.
    [Mail] The document will be scanned and attached to an e-mail message in your e-mail application.
    [OCR] The text will be scanned and read by the OCR software.
    [Save] The document will be scanned and saved.
    [PDF] The text will be scanned and saved as a PDF file.
    [Scan-1], [Scan-2] The text will be scanned and appear in the registered application. You can change the button name by directly entering a new name (up to 8 characters long) over the button name.

    A dialog box will appear for each of the buttons.

    Example: [Mail] dialog box

  4. Specify the required settings.
    Select the [Display the Scanner Driver] check box, to display the [ScanGear MF] dialog box on step 5. This check box is not available when scanning with the [OCR] button.

    If you want to keep the same settings for future scans, click [Apply] before clicking [Start].

  5. Click [Start].

    When the [Display the Scanner Driver] check box is not selected in step 5, the scanning will start.

  6. Specify the required settings.

  7. Click [Scan].
    If you clicked [Mail], [Save] or [PDF] in step 3, a folder with the scanning date will be created in the [My Pictures] folder in the [My Documents] folder, and your document will be saved in this folder.

    If you have applications registered to the [Mail], [OCR], [PDF], [Scan-1], or [Scan-2] buttons, the scanned image will be displayed in the application or attached to an email message after scanning

    The CD-ROM provided with the machine contains some applications which can be used with the MF Toolbox. When the applications in the CD-ROM are installed, they will be registered in the MF Toolbox buttons.

    [OCR]ScanSoft OmniPage

    [PDF]Presto! PageManager



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