Scanning with ScanGear MF-ICMF 3200

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Scanning with ScanGear MF


Scanning with ScanGear MF

Switching between Simple Mode and Advanced Mode
Using Simple Mode
Simple Mode Toolbar
Using Advanced Mode
Advanced Mode Toolbar
Advanced Mode-Specifying the Parameters of a Scan

The ScanGear MF enables you to preview the image to be scanned and make detailed adjustments for the image. To use the ScanGear MF, select [Display the Scanner Driver] in the MF Toolbox, or scan from the application supported by TWAIN.

Switching between Simple Mode and Advanced Mode

The ScanGear MF has two modes: [Simple Mode] and [Advanced Mode]. With [Advanced Mode] you can perform detailed settings such as resolution and contrast.

To switch between two mode, click the corresponding tab.

Using Simple Mode

  1. Set documents.

  2. Select the document type in [Select Source].

    [Photo (Color)]: To scan color photos.

    [Magazine (Color)]: To scan color magazines (with the Descreen function).

    [Newspaper (B&W)]: To scan text and line drawings (black and white).

    [Document (Grayscale)]: To can color image or text in monochrome. Appropriate for scanning high-resolution monochrome image.

    On how to turn off the automatic color correction for the document type other than [Newspaper (B&W)].

  3. Click [Preview].
    A preview of the document will be scanned and appear in the preview window.

  4. Select the use for the scanned image in [Select Purpose].
    You can select from [Print (300 dpi)], [Image Display (150 dpi)], or [OCR (300 dpi)], depending on the document type you selected in step 2.

  5. Select the output size of the scanned image in [Output Size].
    The options you can select vary depending on what you selected in step 4.

    Click to switch orientation of the output size (landscape or portrait).

  6. Adjust the cropping frame and select the [Fading Correction] check box as needed.
    To adjust the cropping frame, click (Auto Crop) or drag the corner or edge of the frame.

    The [Fading Correction] check box can be selected only when the color preview image is displayed.

  7. Click [Scan].
    Scanning starts.

Add/Delete the Output Size

Selecting [Add/Delete] for the [Output Size] opens the [Add/Delete the Output Size] dialog box. This dialog box enables you can add or delete the custom output size.

[Output Size Name] Specifies the output size name you want to register.
[Width] Specifies the width of the output size.
[Height] Specifies the height of the output size.
[Unit] Selects the unit of measurement for the output size.
[Add] Adds the output size to the [Output Size List].
[Delete] Deletes the selected output size from the [Output Size List].
[Save] Apply the settings specified in the [Add/Delete the Output Size] dialog box.

You cannot delete the output size that is currently selected in [Output Size] of the [Simple Mode] tab.

Simple Mode Toolbar

(Auto Crop) Crops the image border automatically. You can gradually crop the image by clicking this button.
(Remove Cropping Frame) Removes the selected cropping frames.
(Left Rotate) Rotates the scanned image 90 degrees left.
(Right Rotate) Rotates the scanned image 90 degrees right.
(Information) List the scanning information.

Using Advanced Mode

  1. Set documents.

  2. Select settings for [Favorite Settings], [Input Settings], [Output Settings] and [Image Settings], and adjust the color settings..

  3. Click [Preview].

    - Selecting the range in the preview window and clicking [Zoom] reloads the selected image to be enlarged.
    - To delete the displayed preview image, click .

  4. If you want to scan only part of the document, specify the parameters.

  5. Click [Scan].

Advanced Mode Toolbar

(Clear) Deletes the preview image from the Preview Area. It also resets the toolbar settings and color settings.
(Crop) Specifies the parameter of a scan.
(Move) Moves the enlarged image on the screen.
(Zoom) Enlarges or reduces the preview image. Click on the image to zoom in, and right click on the image to zoom out.
(Left Rotate) Rotates the image 90 degrees left.
(Right Rotate) Rotates the image 90 degrees right.
(Information) Lists the scanning information.
(Auto Crop) Crops the image border automatically.
(Remove Cropping Frame) Removes the selected cropping frames.
[Select All Crops] When this button is used, all the cropping frames reflect the settings made on the [Advanced Mode] tab sheet.
[Zoom] Click this button to rescan the focal cropping area of the preview image at a higher level of magnification.


Advanced Mode-Specifying the Parameters of a Scan

You can create scan areas (cropping areas) for images shown in the Preview Area. When you click [Scan], only the cropped area will be scanned.

Selecting the Cropping Area Automatically
After previewing, click (Auto Crop) on the toolbar. Clicking this button enables you to gradually crop off the image outside the borders detected in the preview image.

Creating a Cropping Frame
Click (Crop) on the toolbar, click on the preview image and drag over the area you wish to select. To make further adjustments, drag the corner of the edge of the selected frame or enter the desired parameter values for (Width) and (Height) in [Input Settings]. To move the cropping frame you have selected, click inside the cropping frame and drag.

To maintain the current width and height proportion of the image, click in [Input Settings].

Creating Multiple Cropping Frames
You can create another cropping frame even if there is already one in the Preview Area. Click and drag the mouse cursor outside the existing cropping frame to create a new cropping frame in that area.

You can create up to 10 cropping areas. By clicking [Scan] once, all the cropped areas will be scanned. (Scanning will continue until all selected areas have been scanned.)

The most recently created cropping frame will become the focal point. To make adjustments to previously created cropping frames, select the frame or frames by clicking on them.

Deleting Cropping Frames
If you want to remove cropping frames, select the frame or frames and do one of the following:
- Click [Delete] on the keyboard.
- Click (Remove Cropping Frame) on the toolbar.
- Right click on the cropped area and select [Delete].
- Hold down [Ctrl] on the keyboard, right click outside the cropped area, and select [Delete].



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