Adjusting the Scanning Resolution-IC D/PC 1000 Series

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Adjusting the Scanning Resolution


Adjusting the Scanning Resolution

Resolution is a measure of the fineness or clarity of a printout. Low resolution may cause text and graphics to have a jagged appearance, while higher resolutions provide smoother curves and lines, crisp text and graphics, and a better match to traditional typeface designs.

Higher resolution produces higher output quality, but requires longer transmission time.
  1. Press <FAX Resolution> repeatedly to select the desired resolution.

    - [STANDARD]
    Suitable for most text-only documents
    - [FINE]
    Suitable for fine-print documents
    - [PHOTO]
    Suitable for documents that contain photographs
    - [SUPER FINE]
    Suitable for documents that contain fine print and images (the resolution is four times that of [STANDARD]).
    - [ULTRA FINE]
    Suitable for documents that contain fine print and images (the resolutions eight times that of [STANDARD]).

  2. Press <Set>.
    You can set the Fax Resolution so that the desired resolution such as [STANDARD] is automatically returned after the [AUTO CLEAR] function activates or documents are scanned.
    Since [RESOLUTION] of [FAX DEFAULT] is set to [OFF] as the factory default setting, the resolution set using [FAX Resolution] will remain unchanged.



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