Using Movie Mode PowerShot SD30

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Using Movie Mode PowerShot SD30


Shooting a Movie

The following three movie modes are available.


You can select the resolution and frame rate and record until the SD card is full (when a super high-speed SD card is used, such as the recommended SDC-512MSH model). The digital zoom can be used while shooting in this mode.

  • Resolution: (640 x 480), (320 x 240)
  • Frame Rate: 10 frames/sec., 20 frames/sec.
  • Maximum Size: 1 GB/movie


Since the resolution is low, this mode is convenient for sending movies as e-mail attachments or when the SD card capacity is low.
  • Resolution: (160 x 120)
  • Frame Rate: (15 frames/sec.)
  • Max. Clip Length: 3 minutes

My Colors

You can change image colors and then shoot. As with the Standard mode, you can also select the resolution and frame rate and record until the SD card is full (when a super high-speed SD card is used, such as the recommended SDC-512MSH model).
  • Resolution: (640 x 480), (320 x 240)
  • Frame Rate: (10 frames/sec.), (20 frames/sec.)
  • Maximum Size: 1 GB/movie

* The frame rate indicates the number of frames recorded/replayed in one second. The higher the frame rate, the smoother the motion.
The recording time will vary according to the capacity of the SD card you use. See below for details SD Cards and Estimated Capacities for Movies.

  1. Slide the mode switch to (Movie). The maximum recording time (in seconds) is displayed.

  2. Press the <FUNC./SET> button.

  3. In the FUNC. menu use the or buttons to select *.
    * The current setting is displayed.

  4. Use the or button to select , or .

    • You can shoot the image right after selecting settings by pressing the shutter button. The menu displays again after the shot, allowing you the change the settings easily.
    • In and modes, you can change the resolution and frame rate.

  5. Press the <FUNC./SET> button. The display will return to the shooting screen and the icon of the selected movie mode will appear in the LCD monitor.

  6. Press the shutter button fully.

    • Shooting and sound recording starts simultaneously.
    • During shooting the recording time (in seconds) and a red circle appear on the LCD monitor.

  7. Press the shutter button fully again to stop recording. The maximum recording time may vary with the subject and shooting conditions. Just before the maximum is reached, or just before the SD card fills to capacity, the counter at the bottom right of the LCD monitor will display in red and recording will stop automatically after approximately 10 seconds.
  • The recording time may not display properly during shooting or filming may stop unexpectedly with the following types of SD cards:
    • Slow recording cards
    • Cards formatted on a different camera or a computer
    • Cards which have had images recorded and erased repeatedly Although the recording time may not display properly during shooting, the movie will be recorded correctly on the SD card. Recording time will display properly if you format the SD card in this camera (excluding slow recording SD cards).
  • You are recommended to use an SD card that has been formatted in your camera to shoot movies. The card supplied with the camera may be used without further formatting.
  • Be careful not to touch the microphone while recording.
  • Do not press buttons other than the shutter button while filming to avoid inadvertent recording of the operation sounds.
  • The AF and zoom settings remain fixed for subsequent frames at the values selected for the first frame.
  • During filming, the camera will automatically correct the exposure and white balance settings to suit the shooting conditions. Please note, however, that the sounds made by the automatic settings adjustment may also be recorded.
  • After a clip is shot, the indicator will blink green while the clip is being written to the SD card. You cannot shoot again until the blinking stops.
  • Sound is recorded monaurally.
  • There is no shutter sound in movie mode.
  • You can adjust the exposure compensation setting before shooting. Press the button to lock the exposure setting (AE lock) and display the exposure compensation bar in the LCD monitor. Use the or button to adjust the setting. The exposure compensation setting will cancel if you press the <MENU> button or change the white balance, photo effect or shooting mode.
  • The recording time and capacity may vary according to camera usage and SD card performance. If free space in the camera's memory becomes too scarce, even if there is surplus recording time or capacity available, the "!" symbol will display at the bottom right of the LCD monitor in red and the camera will automatically cease filming shortly thereafter. If the "!" warning displays frequently, try the following procedures.
    • Reformat the SD card before filming.
    • Set the resolution to (320 x 240).
    • Use a high-speed SD card (SDC-512MSH, etc.)
  • QuickTime 3.0 or later is required to play back movie files (AVI/Motion JPEG) on a computer. QuickTime (for Windows) is included on the Canon Digital Camera Solution Disk. On the Macintosh platform, this program is generally bundled with Mac OS 8.5 or later operating systems.

SD Cards and Estimated Capacities for Movies



Frame Rate-

16mb SD Card

128mb SD Card

512mb SD Card


My Colors

(640 x 480 pixels)

10 fps

23 sec.

3 min. 10 sec.

12 min. 16 sec.

- Standard

My Colors

(320 x 240 pixels)

20 fps

33 sec.

4 min. 29 sec.

17 min. 21 sec.


(160 x 120 pixels)

1min. 47 sec.

14 min. 29 sec.*

55 min. 57 sec.*

*Maximum movie clip length in Compact mode is 3 min. The figures above indicate the maximum continuous recording time.

Movie file Estimated Bit Rates

-Movie Mode


Frame Rate

Approximate Bit Rate/sec.


My Colors

(640 x 480 pixels)


660 KB


My Colors

(320 x 240 pixels)


440 KB

Compact (160 x 120 pixels)


120 KB



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