Deleting a Document from Memory-IC D/PC 1000 series

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Deleting Document from Memory


Deleting a Document from Memory

If there are no documents stored in memory, the machine will return to the standby mode when you press <Memory Reference>.
You do not need to press <Function> in Step 1 to execute the Memory Reference function if [MEMORY REFERENCE] is programmed in [PROGRAM 1-TOUCH KEY] from [ADDITIONAL FUNCTIONS].

  1. Press <Function>.

  2. Press <Memory Reference>.

  3. Use <> or <> to select [5. DELETE DOCUMENT].

  4. Press <Set>.

  5. Use <> or <> to select the transaction number (TX/RX NO.) of the document you want to delete.

    You can enter the transaction number using the numeric keys.

  6. Press <Set>.

    The machine asks you to confirm that you want to delete the document.

  7. Press < > to delete the document.

    The document is deleted.
    If you change your mind and want to keep the document in memory, press <>.

  8. To continue deleting other documents in memory, repeat the procedures from Step 5.

  9. Press <Stop/Reset> to return to the standby display.



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