Using the remote with the PowerShot SD30 and SD40

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Using the remote with the PowerShot SD30 and SD40


Using the Wireless Controller WL-DC200

Follow the below procedure to install a lithium coin battery (CR2025) before using the wireless controller.

Operating the Wireless Controller

Be particularly careful to keep the lithium coin battery out of the reach of children. Seek medical assistance immediately if a child swallows a battery since corrosive battery fluids could damage the stomach or instestinal wall.

  1. Slip a fingernail into(1) and press in the direction of the arrow while slipping another fingernail into (2) and removing the battery holder.
  2. Place the battery in the holder with the "+" side up and replace the holder.

To remove the battery

Pull the battery out in the direction of the arrow.

Operating the Wireless Controller

When the camera is placed in the camera station, you can use the wireless controller to perform the following operations with the camera.

  • Playback, Erase

  • Playback image when connected to a TV

  • Print images when connected to a printer

  • Download images when connected to a computer

To use the wireless controller, point it at the remote control sensor on the camera station.

Other than the operations listed above, all of the buttons perform the same functions as the corresponding buttons on the camera. However, functions requiring the user to press two buttons at the same time can only be performed with the camera.

The distance at which the wireless controller can be used will shorten under the following circumstances.
  • When operated at an angle to the remote control sensor.
  • When strong light strikes the remote control sensor.
  • When the wireless controller battery is weak.
  • When used outside.



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