Dividing scenes on the DC10 and DC20 DVD camcorders.

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Dividing scenes on the DC10 and DC20 DVD camcorders.


Dividing a Scene

You can divide your recordings in order to leave only the best parts and later cut out the rest. Remember that when you divide scenes in the playlist, you do not affect your original recordings allowing you to easily try out different "director cuts".

This feature is available only with DVD-RW discs recorded in VR mode.

  1. Set the camcorder to play movies ().

  2. From the index screen, select (,) the scene you want to divide and press the <FUNC.> button.

  3. Use () to select the (DIVIDE) icon and press ().
    - The scene will be played back.
    - You can also press the <FUNC.> button to access (DIVIDE) while playing a scene.

  4. At the place where you want to divide the scene, press the button to pause the playback.

  5. If necessary, in order to bring the scene to a precise point use () to select the / icon and press () to reverse or advance one frame at a time.
    - If you want to select a different scene, select the / icon and press () to skip to the next or previous scene. Press the button to resume normal playback and return to step 4 above.

  6. Use () to select the icon and press (SolutionAnswer/DC10-DC20 DVD Camcorders/set icon.gif).

  7. Select [YES] and press () to divide the scene.
    - The second part of the scene (starting from the dividing point) will be added as a separate scene immediately after the original one.

Scenes shorter than 5 seconds cannot be divided.



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