Perform print head cleaning (OS 9.x) i250 / i320 / i350

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Perform print head cleaning i250 / i320 / i350


Perform Print Head Cleaning

  1. Click Page Setup from the File menu.

  2. From the Page Setup screen, click the 'Utilities' button.

  3. Select 'Cleaning' from the pop-up menu.

  4. Click on the 'Cleaning' icon.

  5. Click 'OK' to start the print head cleaning. The power light on the printer will flash until the print head cleaning has been completed.

  6. To determine if further cleaning is necessary, print a nozzle check pattern by selecting 'Test Print' from the BJ Printer Utility pop-up menu, and then click on the 'Nozzle Check' icon. This will require paper to be loaded into the printer.

  7. Confirm the next message to start the Nozzle Check printing.

  8. Once the page has printed examine the nozzle check pattern. If the pattern is good, no further action is required.

    Example of a good pattern:

  9. If the if colors or lines are misssing in the grids, return to the Cleaning selection of the pop-up menu to perform Deep Print Head Cleaning.

  10. Click the 'Deep Cleaning' icon.

  11. Deep cleaning uses a lot of ink. Only perform deep cleaning when necessary. Confirm the message, and then click the 'OK' button.

  12. The Power lamp will blink and print head deep cleaning will start. Deep cleaning completes when the Power lamp stops blinking and lights. (It will take about a minute for the Power lamp to stop blinking and light solid.)

  13. Print another nozzle test pattern. If the pattern still does not print correctly, replace any ink tank that may be low, and then perform another deep print head cleaning.

  14. If printing is still not satisfactory after replacing the ink tanks and deep cleaning the print head, there may be a problem with the print head.



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