Changing the recording mode on a XL H1 series camcorder

Article ID: ART125157 | Date published: 05/12/2015 | Date last updated: 08/14/2015


Changing the recording mode on a XL H1 series camcorder


Changing the Recording Mode (SP/LP)

When recording in Standard Definition (SD mode) only, you can choose between SP (standard play) and LP (long play). LP extends the tape usage by 1.5 times.

To change to LP mode, press the menu button to open the menu and select [RECORDING SETUP]. Select [REC MODE], set it to [LP] and close the menu.

  • Depending on the nature and usage condition of the tape, picture and sound recorded in LP mode may be distorted. We recommend using the SP mode for important recordings.
  • If you record in SP and LP modes on the same tape, the playback picture may become distorted, and the time code may not be written correctly.
  • If you play back a tape that has been recorded in LP mode with another digital device on this camcorder, or vice versa, picture and sound may become distorted.



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