Reviewing the pictures stored in the camera (PowerShot S200, S230, and S330)

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Reviewing the pictures stored in the camera (PowerShot S200, S230, and S330)


How do I review the pictures I have stored in my camera

The images stored on the CompactFlash (CF) card in your camera can be viewed in the Play mode, either singly or in groups of nine at a time.

To view singly:

Turn the Mode Dial to the Play position (arrowhead).

Scroll through the images by pressing the left arrow or right arrow button. Holding the button down advances the images more rapidly, but the images will not appear as clearly

You can magnify individual images by holding the SET button down and then pressing the Magnify/Zoom-In button. Each press of the Magnify/Zoom-In button gives a greater magnification. Use the left/right/up/down buttons to move around the magnified image. Press the Index/Zoom-Out button to reset.

To view in groups of nine (Index view):

While in Play mode, press the Index/Zoom-Out button.

Nine images (if you have taken at least nine photos) will appear on the LCD display. The selected image will have a green border around it. Move the selection by pressing the up/down/left/right button.

If in the left column of images, pressing the left button will show the previous set of nine images. If in the right column, pressing the right button will display the next set of nine images. Holding the SET button down while pressing the left or right button will take you to the first or last set of nine images.

To return to single image display, press the Magnify/Zoom-In button.

To view movies:

While in single image view, press the left or right button to select the movie (movies will be identified by a movie camera icon with the word SET in the upper left corner).

Press the SET button. The movie panel will display along the bottom of the image.

Use the up or down button to select the Play icon (arrowhead) on the movie panel. Press the SET button.

The movie images and sound will play. You may pause and resume the movie by pressing the SET button. Use the up or down button to adjust the speaker volume.



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