How to setup Toolbox Custom tabs (Toolbox 2.2.x)

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How to setup Toolbox Custom tabs (Toolbox 2.2.x)


How to setup Toolbox Custom tabs

Button links

Define where the Custom button links to by selecting an application. Use the Set button to select the application through a standard Windows File dialog. When finished, the name of the selection should appear in the Link To box. See below for details.

1. Open the Toolbox

2. Click the Settings button

3. Select one of the three Custom tabs

4. Put a check in the box next to "Show this button on Toolbar"

5. Click the Set button

6. Locate and select the desired application to be associated with this Custom tab

7. Click Open

Note: The Image file and Settings for Easy Acquire sections are user preference settings.

Image File

To save the image file, use the following options:

1. Select the Save Images checkbox to save the image as a file.

2. Click the Browse button to display the standard Windows File dialog and select the directory in which to store the images. The directory name appears in the Image File text box.

3. Enter the name to be used in the File Name box.

4. For Numbering, select whether to number the file names continuing from a previous save or starting at a number you specify. This number is appended to the filename prefix.

5. For Save as Type, select the file type under which to save the image.

Settings for Easy Acquire

Select Easy Acquire to automatically scan and then send the scanned image to the application indicated by the button you clicked. The Easy Acquire settings you defined for the button will be used. Otherwise, your scanning application appears, enabling you to control the scan manually before sending it. In this case, the settings defined in the actual scanner driver dialogs will be used.

Repeat the entire process for the remaining Custom tabs as necessary. Once you have finished, click OK to accept all changes.



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