Driver uninstall utility(DelDrv) from Website.

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Driver uninstall utility(DelDrv) from Website.


Downloading Driver uninstall utility (DelDrv) from Website.(Windows)

Note: The procedure below is describing how to download/extract DelDrv using the example of DelDrv2032 for CanoScan LiDE80.

The actual model name and DelDrv version will change up to the model being looked up.

1. Access Canon Website and go to Customer Support. Select a scanner model and open Download Drivers.

2. Select the driver language from the list.

3. Select the driver uninstall utility matching with your OS (here, from among Windows XP/2000/Me/98)

4. Read DISCLAIMER carefully. If you click on [I Agree - Begin Download], a download screen will appear.

5. Click on the file to start downloading.

6. Press the [Save] button on the File Download dialog.

7. Select [Save in] and press the [Save] button.

8. Double-click on the newly created file, and the file will be unzipped automatically.



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