Adjusting the Copy Exposure-PC 400 Series

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Adjusting the Copy Exposure


Adjusting the Copy Exposure

This copier comes with automatic exposure control model. When this mode is set the copier pre-scans the original and automatically adjusts the copy exposure to the most appropriate level. The auto exposure control may not produce clear copies on the following types of originals:
Originals with a shaded or dark background (e.g., newspapers)
Light or faint originals (e.g., pencil written work).

Adjustment using exposure recalibration switch

Insert a coin or similar object into the slot in the exposure recalibration switch. This switch has three positions.

To make darker copies, move the switch upward.
To make lighter copies, move the switch downward.

If this does not produce the desired results, follow the procedure below.

Adjusting the copy exposure manually

When the auto exposure control mode fails to produce a clear copy due to an unusual original type, it may be necessary to adjust the copy exposure manually depending on the original.

  1. Press the key to switch to manual exposure control mode.
    The A indicator lamp will no longer be lit.

  2. Adjust the exposure level by turning the exposure adjustment dial.

    Guidelines for exposure level adjustment
    Ordinary Originals: Adjust the dial to the central range.
    Originals with a Dark Background: Lighten the exposure by turning the dial toward the lower range
    Light Originals Darken the exposure by turning the dial toward the higher range

    The exposure adjustment lever cannot be used while the auto exposure control mode is set.

    The level can only be used after the key has been pressed and the A indicator is no longer lit.
    When making color copies, lighten the copy exposure manually to avoid the dark shading that appears when color copies are made in the auto exposure mode.



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