Disable Exclusive Port Control

Article ID: ART125693 | Date published: 05/12/2015 | Date last updated: 08/14/2015


Disable Exclusive Port Control


Exclusive Port Control

When the parallel port on the computer is being controlled by another application or device such as a printer, scanner, multifunction, etc, the computer and scanner are unable to communicate.

To try and correct this issue, please perform the actions below.

Reset the scanner and computer

  • Shut down the computer

  • Disconnect the parallel port from the scanner and the computer

  • Reconnect the parallel cable to the scanner

  • Connect the scanner directly to the computer
    Note: Using a parallel A-B switching device or other pass through device is not recommended. This means you should connect the scanner directly to the parallel port on the computer.

  • Disconnect the AC power cord from the scanner and the wall outlet.

  • Reconnect the AC power cord into the scanner and a known working wall outlet.

  • Reboot the computer.

Disable exclusive port control in your printer driver

* If your printer makes use of a windows printing system, you will need to replace the driver with a Raster version of the driver.

* Some Lexmark printer drivers will control the parallel port. This can be solved by disabling DOS printing in the Lexmark Control Panel on LPT1.

If you have some other device that utilizes exclusive port control for the parallel port, please contact the manufacturer of that device for information on disabling that control.



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