Install / Replace Ink Tanks Correctly- S400 / BJC-3000

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Replacing / Installing Ink Tanks correctly


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How to replace / install the ink tanks

The ink tanks suitable for the printer are as follows:

Black Ink Tank BCI-3eBK

Cyan Ink Tank BCI-3eC

Magenta Ink Tank BCI-3eM

Yellow Ink Tank BCI-3eY

Replacement Procedure

1. Make sure that the printer is turned on and open the front cover. The cartridge holder moves to the left .

Note: If you need to replace more than one ink tank, do not remove the ink tanks together. Remove and replace each ink tank one by one to ensure that each new ink tank is inserted in the correct slot. If you insert an ink tank in the wrong slot, colors will not print correctly.

To avoid interfering with the ink supply from a tank, never touch the opening on an ink tank.

2. To remove the empty ink tank, press in on the tab on the ink tank to release it; then lift it out of the slot.

Do not remove the BJ cartridge! Leave the BJ cartridge installed in the printer and remove only the ink tank(s).

Discard empty ink tanks according to the local laws and regulations regarding disposal of consumables.

To avoid staining your hands, clothing, or areas of your work site, do not shake or drop ink tanks when you are handling them.

3. Remove the new ink tank from its package. Pull the orange tape up and against the perforations to open the packing film.

Remove the film carefully so you do not remove the label from the ink tank. The label is needed to match the ink tank with the correct slot of the BJ cartridge.

Remove the film by pulling on the orange tape. Do not attempt to remove the film before you remove the orange tape.

4. Grip the bottom of the ink tank and twist off the orange protective cap in the direction of the arrow.

Note: Do not attempt to reattach a protective cap to an ink tank. Discard the protective cap immediately.

5. Hold the new ink tank at a slight angle and align it with the correct slot. Then insert the ink tank in its place. Make sure you insert the ink tank into the correct slot of the cartridge holder.

6. To lock the ink tank in place, press down on top of the ink tank. Press down until the ink tank locks in place with a click.

7. Close the front cover. To resume printing after an error, if applicable, press the <RESUME> button.



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