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Instructions how to make copies without using the computer.


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Making Copies

1. Prepare for copying.

a. Press <ON/OFF> to turn on the machine.

b. Press <COPY>.

c. Load paper.

d. Ensure that the proper paper source is selected.

Note: Press <Feed Switch> so that the Auto Sheet Feeder Lamp lights when loading paper in the
Auto Sheet Feeder and the Cassette Lamp lights when loading paper in the Cassette.

e. Load the document on the Platen Glass or in the ADF.

2 . Start copying.

a. Check the page size and media type.

Note: Press <Paper> to change the page size, or media type.

(A) Ratio of Reduction/Enlargement

(B) Page Size

(C) Print Quality

(D) Number of Copies

(E) Media Type

(F) Intensity

b. Use o specify the number of copies.

c. Press <Color> for color copying, or <Black> for black & white copying. The machine starts copying.

Note: To cancel copying, press <Stop/Reset>. The machine can also receive faxes in copy mode (when <COPY> is pressed).



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