BJC-4300 Error Codes - Beeping / Flashing Lights

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BJC-4300 Error Codes - Beeping / Flashing Lights


Error Conditions


  • 0 = ON
  • 1 = BLINKING
  • * = Install Cartridge or Does not detect cartridge.
  • **= This error condition is misleading. Though it is deemed an "unrecoverable error by user", this error condition could be corrected by replacing the Print Head Cartridge. Please have the customer replace the cartridge prior to issuing service on the unit.

User-correctable errors (Correctable by removing the paper and pressing the RESUME button).

1) Paper pick-up error
Occurs when the paper cannot be fed properly.

2) Paper jam
Occurs when the printed paper cannot be ejected.

3) Cartridge mode mismatch
Occurs when the scanning operation Is performed with a BJ cartridge installed. Occurs also when printing with a scanner cartridge installed (including Self Test printing).

User-uncorrectable errors. (Press the POWER button to turn off the power.)

4) ROM error
Occurs when the ROM check during the initializing operation fails.

5) RAM error
Occurs when the RAM check during the Initializing operation falls.

6) Cartridge displaced error
Occurs when the printer does not detect the cartridge other than during cartridge replacement.

7) Home Position Error
Displayed when the home position can not be detected.

8) Waste ink full error
Occurs when the "total waste Ink amount" recorded by the EEPROM exceeds the prescribed limit.

9) Temperature sensor error
Occurs when the temperature sensor?s (Till) reading on the control board is Irregular.

10) Print position correction error
Occurs when the print position correction cannot be detected.

11) Head temperature error
Occurs when the temperature of the diode sensor in the BJ cartridge head exceeds the prescribed level.

12) Head temperature sensor error
Occurs when the diode sensor in the BJ cartridge head is assessed as irregular. The head temperature error always occurs before this error occurs.)

13) Cleaning error
Occurs when the cleaning operation detection at the capping position is Irregular.

14) Scanner cartridge displaced error
Occurs when the scanner cartridge Is recognized but the scanner ID is incorrect. Occurs when the calibration data sent from the computer Is incorrect.



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