BJC-70 Error Codes

Article ID: ART126173 | Date published: 05/12/2015 | Date last updated: 08/14/2015


BJC-70 Error Codes


BJC-70 Error Codes

Error Condition Error # On Line Color Black Beeper
Paper Pick up Error E1 Off 2 Times
Paper Delivery Error E2 Off 2 Times
BJ Cartridge Check E6 Off 2 Times
Cartridge Check E8 Off 2 Times
Waste Ink Warning C1 Off 2 Times
Low Battery Warning C5 Off 2 Times
Low Battery Error (with battery) Fc Off 5 Seconds
Ink Low Warning Off Blinks Blinks 0 Times
Uncapped Head Warning C6 Off Blinks Blinks 2 Times
UNRECOVERABLE - Printer needs to be serviced
Home Position Sensor Error F1 Off 5 Seconds
Print Position Detection Error F3 Off 5 Seconds
Low Battery Error (with AC adapter) Fc Off 5 Seconds
Temperature Error F11 Off 5 Seconds
Abnormal Temperature Rise F12 Off 5 Seconds
No Head Installation Error F13 Off 5 Seconds
Waste Ink Full Error F14 Off 5 Seconds
ROM Error *1 F1A Off 5 Seconds
RAM Error *1 F1b Off 5 Seconds
EEPROM Error F1c Off 5 Seconds

1. ROM & RAM errors may not be indicated.
2. Ink Low Warning enabled when the Ink Low detection is turned on ()



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