Install the Canon USB Kit (Windows 98)

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Installing the Canon USB Kit on a PC


Installing the Canon USB Kit on a PC

Installing the Canon USB Kit on a PC

The IFC-USB/P25 Cable kit is only compatible with PCs, IMacs and Apple G3's with motherboard-inherent USB ports.

Installing the USB Driver on a PC:

  1. Switch on the computer and start Windows.

  2. Before installing the software: Shut down all active applications, uninstall any BJ Printer drivers already installed. Do not use the computer's Plug and Play function to install the BJ Printer driver.

  3. Connect the USB/Parallel Adapter Cable to the computer's USB port.


  5. When Add New Hardware Wizard is displayed, click NEXT.

  6. Make sure that Search for the best driver for your device is selected and then click NEXT.

  7. Load the CD-ROM labeled Software Setup supplied with the cable into the CD-ROM drive, select the CD-ROM drive check box and then click NEXT.

  8. When the Hardware Wizard finds USBADP.inf file , click NEXT (the USB driver is installed).

  9. Click FINISH. This completes the installation of the USB driver.

  10. Change the printer port LPT1 to LPT-USB1 and connect the cable to the printer.

Once the USB driver has been successfully installed, the Printer Driver installation should start automatically.

Installing the Printer BJ Raster Driver

  1. Click YES on Software License Agreement page.

  2. Select CUSTOM and click Next.

  3. Select the printer from the PRINTER list box, click LPT-USB1 and then click NEXT.

  4. On the Windows 'Your Selection' page, Check that Canon BJC-XXXX LPT-USB1 is displayed, and click NEXT. (Where XXXX is the model number of you printer)

  5. File copying begins. When the copying ends, the BJ Printer Driver installation is complete.

  6. On some computers, a message prompting to restart the computer may appear. If so, click YES.



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