Check the paper, settings and paper path BJC-6000

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Paper will not feed


Paper will not feed

Paper will not feed

If the paper will not feed from the sheet feeder, it may be because of any of the following problems:

  • A foreign object has fallen down inside the sheet feeder. Unplug the printers power cord, and then check inside the sheet feeder for any objects that may have fallen in.
  • The paper is too thick.
  • Paper within the range of 17 to 24 lb (64 to 105 g/m2) can be loaded in the sheet feeder. Thicker paper must be fed manually from the back of the printer. The printer does not support paper thicker than 0.6 mm.

  • The sheet feeder is overloaded.
  • Check that you do not exceed the sheet feeder capacity. Paper will not feed correctly if you exceed the specified number of sheets.


    Sheet Feeder Limit

    Plain Paper

    Approx. 130

    High Gloss Film


    Glossy Photo Paper

    10 (with Loading Support Sheet A)

    Glossy Photo Cards


    Banner Paper

    1 (2 to 6 sheets in length)

    Brilliant White Paper

    Approx 130

    High Resolution Paper

    Approx 100

    T-Shirt transfers


    Bubble Jet Paper

    Approx. 130

    Greeting Cards


    LetterPlus Letterhead Paper


    Fabric Sheets




    Back Print Film



    1 (single)


    15 (stack)

    All other heavier-weight print media should be fed manually.

  • The paper support is not raised.
  • The paper support should be raised unless you are loading envelopes. If the paper support is not raised, the media will not slide fully into the paper feed slot and will not feed into the printer correctly.

  • The paper is wrinkled or curled.
  • Check that you are using the appropriate media. Paper that is folded, curled, or crumpled will not feed into the printer correctly, and may also cause paper jams.

  • The Auto Feeder is not selected in the printer driver.
  • Open the Printer Properties dialog box. On the Main tab, click the Advanced button. On the Quality tab, select Auto Feeder from the Paper Feed pull-down list.



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