Explanation of "Exx" error codes on early PowerShot cameras.

Article ID: ART126274 | Date published: 05/12/2015 | Date last updated: 11/16/2015


Explanation of "Exx" error codes on early PowerShot cameras.


I am getting an Exx error message, what can I do?

The "E xx" errors (where xx stands for a two digit number, e.g. 05) are coded into the hardware of the camera itself. Some of the errors seen may be E18, E28, E30, E50, and E52. These codes provide qualified service technicians with the information to determine which component or circuit has failed or is operating incorrectly.

Occasionally, the error detected may be an isolated or intermittent instance. To check this, remove the battery for about 20 minutes, then reinsert the battery to see if the error code will reset. Also, since some error codes refer to the ability to read the information on the CF card, you may try a different CF card or reformat the CF card. Note: Reformatting the card permanently removes all images stored on the card.

Generally speaking, there is nothing the owner can do to correct the problem other than to send the camera to the appropriate Factory Service Center for correction of the error.



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