Installation Precautions-PC 100 Series

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Installation Precautions


Installation Precautions

Avoid direct sunlight and place in a cool location.

Do not install the copier in front of a window that receives direct sunlight.

Do not install the copier in a high temperature, high humidity location such as in front of a heater or humidifier.

Avoid abrupt changes in temperature and humidity, such as those caused by proximity to a heater.

Recommended Conditions:
11111Temperature of 59o F to 81o F
11111Relative Humidity of 25% to 75%

Image quality may be affected by low temperatures if the copier has been left in a cold location, be sure to allow more than two hours for the copier to fully reach room temperature before using it.

Provide adequate installation space.

It is necessary to provide adequate space surrounding the copier to allow full movement of the platen during copying.

The minimum necessary operating space:
1111132 1/8" (width) x 17 3/8" (depth)

Provide proper ventilation.

Avoid dusty locations or locations where ammonia gas is emitted.

Place on a flat, level surface.

Do not install the copier on an incline or uneven surface.

Do not install near televisions or radios.

Do not place the copier near televisions, radios, or other similar electronic equipment. The copier might interfere with reception. Plug the copier into a separate power outlet and maintain as much separation as possible.

Power Supply

  • This copier is designed only for use with the power source shown on the marking label on the back of the copier. If you are unsure if your power source meets these needs, check with your local power company.

  • Do not plug this copier into a multi-plug power strip.

  • Do not allow anything to sit on top of the power cord.

If there is any unusual noise, smoke or anything else which causes concern, immediately press the power switch to OFF and unplug the copier from its power source. Consult your service representative. Allow enough space in front of the power outlet so that you can easily unplug the copier.



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