Installation Procedure-PC 100 Series

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Installation Procedure


Installation Procedure

Before installing the copier be sure to check the safety of the power source. Then proceed with the following procedure.

Although the starter cartridge comes already installed in the main unit, it is necessary to remove the sealing tape from the cartridge before use.

The cartridge cannot be used if the seal is not removed.

  1. Remove the copier from its shipping bag and gently remove all the packing tape attached to the copier.

  2. Slightly slide the copy tray and the multi-stack tray out from the opening between the disc and the platen cover, and then open the trays fully.

  3. Slide the platen to the left, press the top cover release button and lift open the top cover. Grip the end of the cartridge, and pull it out of the copier.

  4. Hold the cartridge level so that the side with the written instructions is facing upward.

  5. Rock the cartridge several times to the right and left at a 90o to evenly distribute the toner within the cartridge.

  6. Remove the cartridge sealing tape.

  7. Insert the cartridge into the copier.

  8. Close the top cover by pressing down firmly on the button.

  9. Return the platen to the center position.

  10. Plug the power cord into an electrical outlet.

    This copier is only designed for use with the power source shown on the marking label located on the back of the copier. If you are unsure of the power source, check with your local power company.

    If the copier is brought in from a cold place to a warm one, or if the location of the copier should be rapidly heated, condensation will form inside the copier. This may adversely affect the quality of the copy image (e.g. blacked-out copies). When the copier is exposed to such conditions, allow at least two hours for the copier to adjust to room temperature before attempting to operate it.



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