Clean Earth Campaign

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Clean Earth Campaign


Clean Earth Campaign

The Canon Cartridge Recycling Program

The Canon Cartridge Recycling Program fulfills the first initiative of Canon's Clean Earth Campaign, which supports four critical environmental issues:

  • Recycling in the Workplace
  • Conserving Environmental Resources
  • Scientific Research and Education
  • Encouraging Outdoor Appreciation

The remaining "Clean Earth: initiatives are supported in the U.S. through sponsorships of the National Park Foundation, the National Wildlife Federation, and The Nature Conservancy and in Canada through donations to the World Wildlife Fund Canada and The Nature Conservancy of Canada. Since its inception, The Canon Cartridge Recycling Program has collected millions of cartridges that otherwise would have been discarded into landfills or similar facilities. Instead, this rapidly growing program returns used cartridges to the manufacturing process, thus conserving an array of resources.

Becoming a part of this worthwhile program is easy. When your cartridge is of no further use, simply follow the instructions detailed for U.S. or Canadian residents.

We appreciate your support of The Canon Cartridge Recycling Program.

Working together we can make a significant contribution to a cleaner planet.

  • Cartridges collected through this program are not refilled.
  • You are not entitled to a tax deduction or rebate for the return of empty toner cartridges.
  • This program may be modified or discontinued without notice.



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