Removing paper jams - iP1700

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Removing paper jams - iP1700


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How to remove jammed paper

Note: If you cannot remove jammed paper by the procedures below, repair may be needed. In the case of card size paper , be sure that paper is loaded lengthwise.

If card sized paper loaded sideways is jammed:

1. Power the printer off.

2. Open the top cover.

3. Remove the jammed paper with your hands.

Note: Be careful not dirty your hands. Do not use tweezers or other metal instruments to remove the jammed paper or printer damage may occur.

4. Close the top cover and power on the printer

5. Load the papr correctly in portrait orientation to resume printing.

If paper is jammed in the auto sheet feeder or paper output slot :

1. Power the printer off,

2. Pull out the paper gently.

Note: If you still cannot remove the jammed paper, try step 3 below; the jammed paper may be ejected automatically. If torn paper remains, open the front cover to remove it. Avoid touching inner parts. After removing the torn paper, close the front cover.

3. Power the printer on and confirm that the Alarm lamp is off.

4. Load paper properly to resume printing.



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