Install ScanGear Starter

Article ID: ART126637 | Date published: 05/12/2015 | Date last updated: 12/07/2015


Install ScanGear Starter


Install ScanGear Starter


Download ScanGear Starter from our Web Site's Download Library or Use the CD to install.


1. Click to go to Download Library


2. Click 'Drivers'


3. Select 'PIXMA MP750/780 ScanGearStarter Ver. 1.0 for Mac OS X' under the 'Drivers' heading.


4. On the next screen check the  'I have read and agree ......' checkbox


5. Click 'DOWNLOAD' . The file will then download.


6. Double-click the downloaded file


7. Double-click the Disk Image


8. Double-click the Installer file to install.

Install From CD-ROM

1. Open the CD icon then open the 'Set' folder.


2. Open the 'MP Driver' folder, then open the 'ScanGear Starter' folder


3. Double-click the Installer file to install.




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