Compatible memory cards - mini260

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Compatible memory cards


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Supported memory cards and precautions for use

Insert the memory card with the label side facing up into the appropriate card slot of the printer. When the printer recognizes the memory card, the indicator lamp lights. The printer recognizes one memory card only.

Note: -This printer is compliant with SD version 2.0. However, the printer may not recognize some of the version 2.0-compliant SD cards or mini SD cards since they respond to signals from the printer in the way it is not expecting. For details please contact the card manufacturer.

Note: When inserting one of the memory cards which can be used with a special adapter (Table 1), make sure to use a dedicated one. If one of these memory cards is inserted without a special adapter, it may get stuck in.

Do not remove the memory card nor turn off the printer while the indicator lamp is flashing.

Table 1: Memory Cards which can be used through a special adapter

Memory Card Type
Setting Position

miniSD Card

Up to 1 GB

Right side

Memory Stick Duo

Up to 256MB

Memory Stick PRO Duo

Up to 2GB

xD-Picture Card

Up to1GB

Left side

Table 2: Memory Cards which can be inserted directly

Memory Card Type
Setting Position

CompactFlash (CF) Card*1

Up to 8GB


Up to 4GB

Left side

SmartMedia Card *3

Right side

Memory Stick

Up to 256MB

Memory Stick PRO

Up to 4GB

Right side

SD Secure Digital

Up to 2GB

MultiMedia Card

Up to .28MB

*1: Supports CompactFlash (CF) Card TYPE I/TYPE II (3.3V).

*2: Supports Microdrive 3.3V card.

*3: Supports SmartMedia Card 3.3V card only, not 1MB or 2MB card.



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