Installing the printer driver / software using the pre-packaged CD-ROM mini260 (Windows)

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Installing the printer driver / software


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How to install the printer driver and connect the printer via USB (Windows)

Note: The CD-ROM packaged with your printer will not work in Windows Vista. The Windows Vista driver for the mini260 is not included in the operating system and must be downloaded from our Web site unless you received a separate Windows Vista driver CD-ROM with the printer.


Note: When installing the printer driver in Windows XP, login as the administrator. When installing the printer driver in Windows 2000, login as a member of the administrator group. Close any open software applications including anti-virus software.

1. Turn off the printer, then remove the cable which connects the printer to the computer.

2. Select your place of residence and click 'Next'.

3. The window to select the installation method will be displayed.

Note: drivers can be installed using Easy Install or Custom Install. Easy Install automatically installs the software which is in the CD-ROM. This method is recommended for first-time users. Custom Install allows you to select software programs from MP Drivers, Application Software, and On-screen Manual.

4. Click 'Easy Install' or 'Custom Install'.

When selecting Easy Install:

a. Click 'Easy Install'

b. Click 'Install' in the following window.

When selecting Custom Install:

a. Click 'Custom Install'

b. When the following window is displayed, check Printer Driver and any application software to be installed, then click 'Next'.

c. When the License Agreement window is displayed, read the content carefully and click 'Yes'.

d. The installation will start.

Note: Messages may be displayed during the installation if the application software is already installed.
Follow the instructions on the window and continue the installation.

e. When the Printer Connection window is displayed, connect the printer to the computer and turn the printer ON.

For those who install the printer driver using Custom Install: When installing with Custom Install, Manual Selection will be displayed on the screen. Click 'Manual Selection' to select the printer port manually. When the Printer Connection window is displayed, select the printer port and click 'Next'. The installation will proceed.

Note: The window to restart the computer may be displayed to complete the installation.
Follow the instructions on the window, then restart the computer.

f. When the Print Head Alignment window is displayed, click 'Execute'.

g. Load a sheet of A4 or Letter-sized plain paper in the Auto Sheet Feeder, then click 'Print Head Alignment'.

h. When the confirmation window is displayed, click 'OK'.

i. When the pattern is printed, print head alignment is completed.

j. When the Print Head Alignment window is displayed again, click 'Next'.

k. When the Installation Results window is displayed, confirm the contents. If everything is OK, click 'Next'.

l. When the Installation completed successfully window is displayed, click 'Exit'.

Note: When the Restart button is displayed, ensure that the check box for restarting system is checked, then click 'Restart'.



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