Sending a Fax-ICMF 4150

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Follow this procedure to send a fax.


Sending a Fax

Follow this procedure to send a fax.

  1. Set a document.

    Place the document on the platen glass or load it in the ADF.

  2. Enter the fax mode.

    Press <FAX>. The FAX indicator lights and the machine enters fax standby mode.

  3. Enter the fax number.

    Dial the recipient's fax number with the numeric keys.

    If you enter a wrong number, go back to the wrong digit with <>, then press <Clear> to delete it. Or press and hold <Clear> to delete the entire entry. Then try again.

  4. Send the document

    Press <Start>. When you set the document on the platen glass, press [Start] for each document. When scanning is complete, press [OK].
    If <CONFIRM NEW DEST.> is set to <ON> in the <TX SETTINGS> of the <FAX SETTINGS> menu, you need to enter the fax number again after pressing [Start].

    If you press <Stop/Reset> to cancel a job during scanning documents or after scanning documents, the [CANCEL DURING TX/RX?] message appears. Press <> to select [Yes]. The job is canceled, and the display returns to standby mode.



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