Connecting the mini260 and digital camera correctly

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How to connect the printer to the camera


How to connect the printer to the camera

This section describes how to connect the printer to the camera or the camcorder (hereafter simply "camera") for direct printing.

Precautions when connecting

  1. Be sure to place the printer on a flat surface.

  2. We recommend that you use the camera's compact power adapter included with the camera or sold separately when using the camera with your printer. If you wish to run the camera on battery power, make sure that the batteries are fully charged.

  3. When connecting the cable, be sure that the connector on the cable matches up correctly with the connector on the printer.

  4. Use an easily accessible power outlet for the printer's power cord, so that you can unplug the printer cable quickly in the event of a problem.

How to connect
  1. Place the paper, the paper cassette, and the ink cassette into the printer. Please make sure you are using the correct ink/paper set. Also, refer to the included User Guide for the correct paper settings.

  2. Connect the included power cable to the Power Adapter, and then plug the power cable in a power outlet.

  3. Connect the Power Adapter cable to the printer, and then turn the printer on using the <ON/OFF> button.

  4. Connect the printer to the camera with the USB cable that was supplied with the camera. Insert one end of the cable to the Direct Print Port of the printer. Insert the other end of the cable to the camera's terminal. Please refer to the Camera User Guide provided with your camera for the connection to the camera side.



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