Fax Settings Menu-ICMF 4150

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These are the options available under the Fax Settings Menu.


Fax Settings Menu

1.Basic Settings
2.TX Settings
3. RX Settings
4. Printer Settings
5. Communications

Name Description
1.BASIC SETTINGS top Registers your fax number and name
111UNIT TELEPHONE # Registers your fax number.
111UNIT NAME Registers your name/company name.
111STANDARD SETTINGS Sets the default setting for faxing.
111111DENSITY Sets the default density for faxing. (1-9)
111111IMAGE QUALITY Sets the default image quality for faxing.
2.TX SETTINGS top Sets the transmission functions.
111AUTO REDIAL Sets whether to redial automatically when the other line is busy or a transmission error occurs.
111111ON Customizes the redial operation.
111111111REDIAL TIMES Sets the number of retries. (1 TIMES - 10 TIMES)
111111111REDIAL INTERVAL Sets period of time before redialing. (2 MIN. - 99 MIN.)
111111OFF After the first attempt at dialing fails, redialing is not attempted.
111DIALING LINE CHCK Sets whether to check the telephone line condition.
111RESTRICT REDIAL Sets whether to disable the redial function of the [Redial/Pause] key.
- ON
111CONFIRM NEW DEST. Sets whether to prompt you to enter the fax number again after pressing [Start] key.
- ON
3.RX SETTINGS top Sets the reception functions.
111INCOMING RING Sets whether the telephone rings when it receives a voice call, enabling you to answer the call. This function is only available when the [RX MODE] is set to [FAX ONLY].
111111OFF The telephone does not ring when it receives a voice call.
111111ON The telephone rings when it receives a voice call if an external telephone is connected.
111111111RING COUNT Sets the number of incoming ring before the machine answers. (1 TIMES - 16 TIMES)
111RX MODE Selects the receive mode.
111RX TERMINAL ID Sets whether to insert the machine's fax number and the sender information on received faxes.
111RX RESTRICTION Sets whether to receive a fax by detecting the TSI (Transmitting Subscriber Identification) signal, used to identify the sending fax machine.
111111OFF All receptions are conducted.
111111ON Receives the fax only from the sending fax machine that sends the TSI signal.
111REMOTE RX Sets whether to use remote receiving.
4.PRINTER SETTINGS top Sets the printer functions.
111RX REDUCTION Sets whether to reduce or truncate the image when a faxed page is larger than the size of paper loaded.
111111ON Reduces the image to fit on the size of paper loaded.
111111OFF Retains the original size of the image.
111111CUT The image that is larger than 1-page record area is cut and not recorded.
111CONT. PRINTING Sets whether to continue printing when toner has run out. This function is only for Fax printing and printing reports.
- ON
1112-SIDED PRINT Sets the type of two-sided printing for faxing.
- ON
5.COMMUNICATIONS top Sets the communication setting.
111TEL LINE TYPE Selects the telephone line type.
111111TOUCH TONE The telephone line is set for touch tone dialing.
111111ROTARY PULSE The telephone line is set for rotary pulse dialing.



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