Adjusting the playback volume Elura 100
Article ID: ART127479 | Date published: 05/12/2015 | Date last updated: 08/14/2015


Adjusting the playback volume Elura 100


Adjusting the playback volume

When you use the LCD screen for playback, the camcorder plays back the sound using the built-in speaker. The sound will be muted when the LCD panel is closed.

  1. Press the <FUNC.> button to open the [FUNC.] menu.

  2. With the joystick select the speaker volume icon.

  3. Adjust the volume as required.

  4. Press the <FUNC.> button to save the setting and close the menu.

If you turn off the volume completely the volume display will change to off . When the stereo video cable is connected to the AV terminal, the speaker sound will be muted.