Reseat the Print Head - PIXMA MP600

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A quick way to clear up printer errors on the PIXMA MP600 is to reseat the print head.


You can often correct print errors by reseating the print head. 

There are a few things to be aware of before you start.

Cautions Cautions

  • Handle the ink tanks carefully to protect your clothes and the surrounding area. Don't shake the ink tanks.

  • Make sure to remove the ink tanks one by one.

  • Don't touch the print head nozzles <1> , electrical contacts <2>, or ink supply ports <3>. Doing so may cause problems.

    Image shows print head nozzles (1) electrical contacts (2) and ink supply ports (3)

Reseat the Print Head

  1. Make sure the printer is turned on.

    Printer On button shown
  2. Open the paper output tray and extend the paper support.

    Paper output tray open and paper support extended
  3. Lift the scanning unit (printer cover) completely. The print head moves to the replacement position.
    Note If the printer cover is open for more than ten minutes, the print head moves to the right. If this happens, close, then reopen the cover.

    Figure shows scanning until cover being opened
  4. Open the inner cover.

    Figure shows smaller inner cover being opened
  5. Remove the ink tanks by pressing the tab of each tank.

    Animated image shows the tab being pressed and 5 tanks being removed
  6. Raise the print head lock lever then tilt the print head slightly towards the front of the machine and lift out gently.

    Animated image shows print head lock lever raised and pulled slightly forward, then lifted out

  7. Replace the print head in the print head holder and lower the print head lock lever carefully until you hear a click.

    Animated image shows print head being replaced in holder
  8. Reinsert the ink tanks. Firmly press the PUSH mark on the ink tank until you hear a click.

    Animated image shows ink tanks being reinstalled

  9. Ensure that all the ink tanks are installed properly <7>, and the ink tank lamps light red*. If ink tanks are installed incorrectly <8>, you won't see the red light.

    Figure shows Ink tanks with red light are installed correctly and no light when installed incorrectly
  10. Close the inner cover and the printer cover. Be careful not to jam your fingers.

    Figure shows inner then outer cover being closed
Note When the next print task begins, the print head will clean automatically.

Good to know

*You can check the status of each ink tank according to the way the lamp flashes.

  • On: The printer is ready to print.

  • Slow flashing (three second intervals): Ink is low. Prepare a new ink tank.

  • Fast flashing (one second intervals): Ink tank is empty, or the printer is not ready due to an error.

  • Off: An error has occurred and the printer is not ready to print.

Get more information about ink tank lamp indications.



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