How to set the AF frame to the center point only using the PowerShot SX200 IS.
Article ID: ART127677 | Date published: 05/12/2015 | Date last updated: 08/17/2015


Setting the AF Frame to Center

When [AF Frame] is set to [Center] or [FlexiZone], the camera fixes the focus on the subject captured by the center AF frame, so it is easier to focus on the subject you want to capture. This section explains the process of setting [AF Frame] to [Center].

  • As the actual locations of buttons / switches on cameras vary depending on the camera model, the illustrations that appear on this page may differ from your camera.
  • Screens or menu listings may differ depending on the camera model being used.
  • This option is not available when the camera is being used in AF Continuous Shooting or in Super Macro.
  • When the [Shooting Mode] is set to [Fireworks] (), [AF Frame] will automatically be set to [Center], so the following procedures are not required.
  • The following explanations are provided based on the assumption that the [Shooting Mode] is set to [Program AE] ().
  • To set [AF Frame] to [Center], it is required to preset the [Shooting Mode] to one of the following settings:- [Program AE] (), [Manual] (), [Shutter Speed Priority] (), [Aperture Priority] (), [SCN] ()

1. Press the <Power> button on the camera.

2. Press the <MENU> () button.

3. The following screen appears.

Operate the <directional buttons> to select the [Shooting] () tab.

Operate the <directional buttons> to set [AF Frame] to [Center].

After the settings are completed, press the <MENU> () button.

4. The following screen appears.

If the frame is displayed at the center of the monitor, this completes the setting process.