Basic Methods for Sending Faxes
Article ID: ART127747 | Date published: 05/12/2015 | Date last updated: 08/17/2015


Basic Methods for Sending Faxes


Basic Methods for Sending Faxes

This section describes the flow of sending faxes.

1. Place documents.

2. Press [SEND/FAX] / [FAX].

The SEND/FAX indicator lights up and the machine enters the send standby mode.

3. Press [SEND/FAX] repeatedly to select <FAX>, then press [OK].

For the D1150, skip this step.

4. Use - , , [numeric keys] and [Tone] to specify the fax number.

If you enter a wrong number when specifying a fax number, go back to the wrong digit with .

5. Press [Start].

When you place the documents on the platen glass, press or to select the document size, then press [Start] for each document. When scanning is complete, press [OK] to start sending.

You can also adjust the following scan settings as necessary, using the keys on the operation panel, after specifying the destination in step 4.