Register Frequently Used Printer Settings (Windows)

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Change Printing Profile information (Windows). Creating a Profile allows the user to store frequently used custom printer driver settings for later use.


Registering a Frequently Used Printing Profile

You can register the frequently used printing profile to Commonly Used Settings on the Quick Setup tab. Unnecessary printing profiles can be deleted at any time.

The procedure for registering a printing profile is as follows:

Registering a Printing Profile

  1. Open the printer driver setup window

  2. Set the necessary items. From Commonly Used Settings on the Quick Setup tab, select the printing profile to be used and change the settings after Additional Features, as necessary. You can also set necessary items on the Main, Page Setup, and Effects tab.

  3. Click Save...

    The Save Commonly Used Settings dialog box opens.

  4. Save the settings. Set Name, then click OK. Set the items in Options..., as necessary. The printing profile is saved, and the Quick Setup tab is displayed again. The name and icon are added to the Commonly Used Settings list.

    Note: If you install the printer driver again or upgrade the version of the printer driver, the print settings you registered will be deleted from Commonly Used Settings. Registered print settings cannot be saved and preserved. In this case, register the print settings again.

Deleting Unnecessary Printing Profile

  1. Select the printing profile to be deleted. Select the printing profile you want to delete from the Commonly Used Settings list on the Quick Setup tab.

  2. Delete the printing profile. Click Delete. When the confirmation message appears, click OK. The selected printing profile is deleted from the Commonly Used Settings list.



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