Turning Pre REC on and off with the VIXIA HF series camcorders

Article ID: ART127987 | Date published: 05/12/2015 | Date last updated: 08/17/2015


Turning Pre REC on and off with the VIXIA HF series camcorders


The camcorder will start recording 3 seconds before you press <START/STOP>, ensuring you do not miss important shooting opportunities. This is especially useful when it is difficult to predict when to start recording.

To turn PreREC on or off.

  1. Press up on the joystick to open the joystick guide,
  2. Press up or down on the joystick to select [ PreREC] and press the <SET> button.
    - appears
    - Press <SET> again to turn pre-recording off.
  3. Press <START/STOP>.
    The scene recorded in the memory will start 3 seconds before <START/STOP> was pressed.


  • While pre-recording is activated, the camcorder will not emit any notification sounds.
  • The camcorder will not record the full 3 seconds prior to pressing <START/STOP> if the button was pressed within 3 seconds of having turned on pre-recording or having finished the previous recording.
  • The thumbnail displayed in the movie index screen is based on when <START/STOP> was pressed.
  • Any of the following actions will deactivate the pre-recording function.
    - Leaving the camcorder without any operation for 5 min.
    - Pressing <FUNC.>, <REC/PLAY>, or <VIDEO SNAP>.
    - Changing the position of the camera mode dial.
    - Setting the camcorder to standby mode.



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