In order to upgrade PosterArtist 2008 to PosterArtist 2009, you must download "PAU-Win-21010.EXE" from the Canon website and run it.

Article ID: ART128095 | Date published: 05/12/2015 | Date last updated: 08/17/2015


Download and run "PAU-Win-21010.EXE" from the Canon website.


PosterArtist 2009 updater is available.

In order to update your PosterArtist 2008 to PosterArtist 2009, you must first download and run "PAU-Win-21010.EXE" from the Canon website.

Precautions for updating

  • Make sure you are logged in as the administrator.
  • When running the updater, about 200MB of hard disk space is used. Make sure the system drive has more than that available.
  • While running the updater, it may prompt you for the original PosterArtist installation CD-ROM (PosterArtist 2007 or PosterArtist 2008).
  • You must have a licensed copy of PosterArtist 2008 already installed before using this update.


This application will update PosterArtist 2008 (versions 2.02.10 or 2.02.11) to PosterArtist 2009. If you currently have PosterArtist 2007, you must first update to PosterArtist 2008 (the file is available for download from the Canon website) before running this application.



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