Procedure for using Av Mode PowerShot SX10 IS.
Article ID: ART128156 | Date published: 05/12/2015 | Date last updated: 08/17/2015


Av: Setting the Aperture

When you set the aperture in the aperture-priority AE mode, the camera automatically selects a shutter speed to match the brightness.

The aperture adjusts the amount of light that passes through the lens. Selecting a lower aperture value (opening the aperture) allows you to blur the background and create a beautiful portrait. A higher aperture value (closing it) brings the entire range from foreground to background into focus. The larger the aperture value, the greater the range of the image brought into clear focus.

1. Turn the shooting mode dial to Av.

2. Turn the Main Control Dial and select an aperture value using the LCD monitor..
  • If you adjust the zoom after you set the aperture value, the aperture value is sometimes changed according to the zoom position.
3. Shoot the image.

Some aperture values may not be available with certain zoom positions.

  • The correct exposure has been set if the shutter speed and aperture value show in white.
  • If the shutter speed is shown in red on the LCD monitor, the image is underexposed (insufficient light) or overexposed (too much light). Adjust the aperture value using the main dial until the shutter speed display turns to white. If you set [Safety Shift] to [On] in the Rec. menu, the aperture value will shift to the correct value automatically (Safety Shift function).
  • You can change the automatically selected combinations of shutter speeds and aperture values without altering the exposure.

  • The slowest shutter speed available is 1 second.
  • Please note that camera shake becomes a factor at low shutter speeds. If the camera shake warning appears in the LCD monitor (or the viewfinder), secure the camera to a tripod before shooting.
  • In this mode, the maximum shutter speed with synchronized flash is 1/500 second. You may see the shutter speed change if the camera selects a shutter speed faster than 1/500 second, based on the aperture value
Safety Shift

If you set [Safety Shift] to [On] in the Rec. menu when the shooting mode is Tv or Av, the camera automatically changes the shutter speed or aperture value to obtain the correct exposure if necessary.

  • The safety shift function does not work when the flash fires.