Selecting the zoom type with the FS10, FS100, and FS11 camcorders

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Selecting the zoom type with the FS10, FS100, and FS11 camcorders


Zooming: Optical, Advanced and Digital Zoom

The camcorder offers three types of zoom: optical, advanced and digital zoom when recording movies. (In still image mode only the optical zoom is available.)

37X Optical

The zoom range is limited to the optical magnification ratio of the lens.

48X Advanced (Advanced Zoom)

In addition to the optical zoom range, the camcorder processes the image digitally to obtain a larger zoom range without any deterioration in image quality. When recording movies with a 16:9 aspect ratio, the field of view (picture angle) will change. Refer to the table in the NOTES section.

2000X Digital (2000x)

When this option is selected, the camcorder will switch to digital zoom (light blue area on the zoom indicator) when you zoom in beyond the optical zoom range (white area on the zoom indicator). With the digital zoom the image is processed digitally so image quality will deteriorate the more you zoom in.

  1. Press the <FUNC.> button.
  2. Choose [CAMERA SETUP] and press <SET>.
  3. Select [ZOOM TYPE], select the desired option and press <SET>.
  4. Press the <FUNC.> button to close the menu.


  • In [EASY] mode, the zoom type of automatically set to [48x ADVANCED]
  • The zoom range of the advanced zoom will change depending on the aspect ration of the scene.

[WIDESCREEN] set to [ON] (16:9)

The picture angle will be wider at full telephoto and full wide-angle.

[WIDESCREEN] set to [OFF] (4:3)




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