Choosing a receive mode MX860

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Choosing a receive mode for your fax machine.



Selecting the Receive Mode

Select the receive mode according to your needs.


When you have a dedicated telephone line for fax use only:


When you are using a single telephone line for faxes and voice calls:

If you receive mainly voice calls and sometimes faxes, select TEL PRIORITY MODE.

If you receive mainly faxes and sometimes voice calls, select FAX PRIORITY MODE.


When you subscribe to a ring pattern detection service provided by your telephone company.
Select DRPD (Distinctive Ring Pattern Detection).




If you do not have a dedicated phone line for fax use only, you need to connect a telephone or an answering machine to the External device jack of this machine.

If You Want to Receive Only Faxes Automatically with the Machine, or Have a Dedicated Telephone Line for Fax Use Only:




(A) Incoming call


(B) Receives faxes automatically.



You will not be able to answer the call.

If You Are Using a Single Telephone Line for Faxes and Voice Calls and Use Voice Calls More Frequently:




(A) Incoming call


(B) Voice call: The telephone will ring. Pick up the handset to answer the call.


(C) Fax: The telephone will ring. If you pick up the handset when receiving a fax, press the FAX button, then press the Color or Black button.



If the machine is located away from the telephone, pick up the handset and dial 25 (the remote receiving ID) to receive faxes (remote reception).

(D) When the answering machine responds:
If it is a voice call, the answering machine responds to the call.
If it is a fax call, the machine receives the fax automatically.



Set your answering machine to answering mode and adjust it as follows:

- The entire message should be no longer than 15 seconds.

- In the message, tell your callers how to send a fax.

The machine can be set to receive faxes automatically after the telephone rings for a specified length of time. Set MAN/AUTO SWITCH in Reception Settings under FAX SETTINGS to ON, and then specify the automatic reception start time.


If you have subscribed to Duplex Ringing service in Hong Kong, the machine will receive faxes automatically even if you set the receiving mode of the machine to TEL PRIORITY MODE.

If You Are Using a Single Telephone Line for Faxes and Voice Calls and Want to Receive Faxes Automatically:




(A) Incoming call


(B) Voice call: The machine will ring. Pick up the handset, then press the Stop/Reset button to answer the call.


When answering a voice call, be sure to pick up the handset before pressing the Stop/Reset button. If you press the Stop/Reset button before picking up the handset, the telephone call will be disconnected.

(C) Fax: The machine receives faxes automatically.


The following settings can be modified to control how the machine handles incoming calls. Specify the FAX PRIORITY MODE settings in RECEPTION SETTINGS under FAX SETTINGS.

The time the machine takes to determine whether a call is a fax or a voice call

The time the machine rings when the call was a voice call

Whether or not the machine receives the fax after the specified ring time has elapsed

If You Subscribe to a Distinctive Ring Pattern Detection (DRPD) Service with Your Telephone Company (US and Canada only):

Select DRPD.


(A) Incoming call


(B) Voice call: The telephone will ring. Pick up the handset to answer the call.


(C) Fax: The fax is received automatically when the machine detects the registered fax ring pattern.


Setting the Ring Pattern

Your telephone company will assign a distinctive ring pattern to each number when you order the DRPD service. Set the fax ring pattern that matches the pattern assigned by the telephone company.


Setting the Receive Mode

1. Display the FAX menu.

(1) Press the FAX button, then press the Menu button.

The FAX menu is displayed.

2. Display the Receive mode settings screen.


(1) Press the or button to select Receive mode settings, then press the OK button.


3. Select a receive mode.


(1) Press the or button to select a receive mode, then press the OK button.



Press the Back button to exit the FAX menu.


The receive mode (A) will be displayed on the LCD.






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