Connecting the telephone line and external devices to the MX860

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Connecting external devices ( phones, answering machines, data modems, etc.) to the fax machine.


Preparing the Machine for Faxing

Typical examples of connecting the machine are described below. The machine cannot send/receive faxes if the connection is incorrect. Connect the machine correctly.


If the Power Disconnects Unexpectedly

If there is a power failure or if you accidentally disconnect the power cord, the date/time settings as well as all documents stored in memory will be lost. User data and speed dialing settings are retained. If the power disconnects, the following will apply:

You will not be able to send or receive faxes or make copies.

If a telephone is connected to the machine, you can receive voice calls.

Whether you are able to make voice calls depends on the type of your telephone.

Methods of Connecting External Devices

Connecting to an Analog Line

(A) Telephone line (analog)

Connecting a Telephone or Answering Machine Directly

(A) Telephone or Answering machine


Do not connect the machine and external devices in parallel to the same telephone line using a splitter . The machine may not operate properly.

Connecting a Telephone or Answering Machine via a Computer

(A) Computer

(B) Telephone or answering machine

(C) Analog line

Methods of Connecting the Various Lines

The following are some basic connection schemes that apply when you are connecting to a non-analog telephone line. These are examples and are not guaranteed to suit every connecting conditions. For details, refer to the instruction manual supplied with the network device (control devices such as an xDSL modem, terminal adapter, or dial-up router) you are connecting to this machine.

Connecting to an xDSL

(A) Telephone or answering machine


Before connecting a telephone or answering machine, remove the Telephone connector cap

(B) Splitter

(C) Digital Subscriber Line

(D) Computer

(E) xDSL modem (splitter may be built-in to the modem)


Do not branch the telephone line before the splitter (wall side). And also, do not connect splitters in parallel. The machine may not be able to operate properly.

Connecting to an ISDN Line

For details on ISDN connection and settings, see the manuals supplied with your terminal adapter or dial-up router.



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