VIXIA HF200 kit contents

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VIXIA HF200 kit contents


BP-809 Battery Pack
CA-570 Compact Power Adapter(incl. power cord)
WL-D88 Wireless Controller(incl. CR2025 lithium button battery)
WS-30 Wrist Strap
CTC-100/S Component Cable Red / Green / Blue plugs
STV-250N Stereo Video Cable Yellow / Red / White plugs
IFC-400PCU USB Cable
PIXELA Application - Disc 1 CD-ROM* and PIXELA ImageMixer 3 SE Installation Guide
- ImageMixer 3 SE Transfer Utility: Software for saving and transferring movies.
- Music Transfer Utility: Software for transferring to the camcorder music data for video snapshot playback.
PIXELA Application - Disc 2 CD-ROM*
- ImageMixer 3 SE Video Tools: Software for managing, editing, and playing back movies.
DIGITAL VIDEO Solution Disk CD-ROM* and Installation Guide
- Software for saving, managing, and printing photos.
Music Data CD-ROM
- Contains music files that can be used as background music during playback.
The music files on this CD-ROM are for exclusive use with the supplied PIXELA applications, Music Transfer Utility and ImageMixer 3 SE Video Tools. For more details, refer to the Music Transfer Utility Software Guide and ImageMixer 3 SE Software Guide on the PIXELA Application- Disc 1 CD-ROM.
* The CD-ROM includes the instruction manual of the software (on PDF file).



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