The Images are blurry, not focused, or lack sharpness from the EOS Rebel XS

Article ID: ART128605 | Date published: 05/12/2015 | Date last updated: 09/29/2015


Is the camera moving when you press the shutter button?

Make sure not to move the camera when you press the shutter button.

Particularly, when shooting night scenes or shooting in dark surroundings, the shutter speed is slower than that under normal shooting conditions. Use a tripod or a remote controller (sold separately) to make sure that the camera remains still when shooting.

Is the distance between the lens and the subject outside the camera's focus range?

The camera's focus range within the distance from the lens to the subject differs depending on the camera. Check the type of the lens you are using and make adjustments to the distance between the subject and the lens.

Is the subject covered by the AF point in the viewfinder?

The camera focuses the subject that is covered by the AF point in the viewfinder.

If the subject cannot be covered by the AF point for reasons of composition, perform the following procedures to use the focus lock function.

1. Move the AF point to another subject that is at the same distance as the subject that you wish to focus, and then press the shutter button halfway.

2. Because the focus is fixed when the shutter button is pressed halfway, move the AF point to the subject you wish to focus with the shutter button pressed halfway, and then press the shutter button completely.



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