Selecting the paper source on the MX700

Article ID: ART128887 | Date published: 05/12/2015 | Date last updated: 08/17/2015


Selecting the paper source on the printer.


Changing the Paper Source

Each time you press the Feed Switch, the paper source to be used switches between the Rear Tray and the Front Tray. The paper feeds from the paper source whose lamp is lit.

(A) Rear Tray lamp

(B) Feed Switch

(C) Front Tray lamp


When Printing from Your Computer

If a setting other than Paper Feed Switch is selected for Paper Source in the printer driver, the Feed Switch on the machine will be disabled and the printer driver settings takes precedence when printing. Confirm the setting in the printer driver. For details on paper source selection using the printer driver, refer to the PC Printing Guide on-screen manual.

Paper Source for Fax Printouts

To print out received faxes, the machine uses the Front Tray by default, regardless of the source selected by the Feed Switch. The paper source used to print out faxes can be specified in the FAX paper source setting in the Operation Panel.



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