Delete some recordings or initialize the FS20, FS21, FS22 and FS200's built-in memory or memory card

Article ID: ART129332 | Date published: 05/12/2015 | Date last updated: 08/17/2015


Delete some recordings or initialize the FS20, FS21, FS22 and FS200's built-in memory or memory card


If the FS20, FS21 or FS22's (FS200 card only) memory card or memory becomes full the camcorder will not respond when the Start/Stop button is pressed. Delete some recordings to free up space or initialize (format) the memory card/ memory to erase all recordings on the camcorder.

Be sure to copy any important recordings onto a computer or video recorder before deleting them or initializing the memory.

Initialize memory cards when you use them with this camcorder for the first time. You can also initialize a memory card or the built-in memory to permanently delete all the recordings it contains. Initializing the memory also eliminates memory fragmentation. Fragmentation becomes more serious as recordings are repeatedly added and deleted and can eventually result in reduced performance.

To initialize the memory follow the procedure detailed below.

  1. Press the [FUNC.] button.
  2. Move the joystick up or down to select [ MENU] then press [SET].
  3. Move the joystick to select [ MEMORY OPER.] then press [SET].
  4. Move the joystick to select [INITIALIZE] then select either the built-in memory (FS20, FS21 and FS22 only) or the memory card you want to initialize and press [SET].
  5. Choose the initialization method ([INITIALIZE] Clears the file allocation table but does not physically erase the stored data. or [COMPL. INIT.] Erases all data completely.) then press [SET].
  6. Select [YES] and then [OK] to start the process.
  7. When the camcorder has finished press the [FUNC.] button.
  • Initializing the memory will permanently erase all recordings. The lost original recordings cannot be recovered. Make sure you back up important recordings in advance using an external device.
  • While initializing, do not disconnect the power source or turn off the camcorder.



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