Perform A Manual Print Head Alignment (Mac OS X) MP990

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Manual print head alignment instructions (Mac OS X).


Aligning the Print Head Position

Print head alignment corrects the installation positions of the print head and improves deviated colors and lines.

The procedure for performing print head alignment is as follows:

Print Head Alignment

  1. Select Test Print from the pop-up menu on the Canon IJ Printer Utility

  2. Click Print Head Alignment icon.

  3. Load paper in the machine

    Load three sheets of A4 size or Letter size plain paper into the cassette.

  4. Execute head alignment

    Make sure that the machine is on and click Align Print Head.
    Follow the instruction in the message.

    Note : To check the current setting before you adjust the print head position, click Print Alignment Value.

  5. Check the printed pattern

    Enter the numbers of the patterns with the least amount of streaks in the associated boxes, and click Send..

    Note : If you look at the print results and still cannot determine which pattern is the one with the least amount of streaks, see your machine manual.

  6. Check the adjustment pattern that is printed next

    Follow the instruction in the message.

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Canon IJ Printer Utility

The Canon IJ Printer Utility allows you to perform machine maintenance or change the settings of the machine.

To open the Canon IJ Printer Utility, follow the steps below.

For Mac OS X v.10.5.x, 10.6.x

  1. Open System Preferences, and select Print & Fax.

  2. Display the print list.
    1. If you are using Mac OS X v.10.6.x
      1. Select your model from the Printers list, and click Options & Supplies.
      2. Click Open Printer Utility in Utility tab.

    1. If you are using Mac OS X v.10.5.x.
      1. Select your model from the Printers list, and click Open Print Queue.
      2. Click Utility when a list of print jobs is displayed.

        A printer list is displayed.

  3. Select the printer

    Select the model you use from Product, and click Maintenance.

    Canon IJ Printer Utility will be launched.

For Mac OS X v.10.4.x and Mac OS X v.10.3.9

  1. Launch the Printer Setup Utility

    Select Applications from the Go menu of Finder, double-click the Utilities folder, and then double-click the Printer Setup Utility icon.

    The Printer Setup Utility is launched and the Printer List appears.

  2. Select the printer

    Select the model to be used from Name in the Printer List, and click Utility.
    Select the model you use from Product, and click Maintenance.

    Canon IJ Printer Utility will be launched.

You can switch between pages in Canon IJ Printer Utility by the pop-up menu. You can choose one of the following items from the pop-up menu.


Clean the printer to prevent print smudges and unclog clogged nozzles in the print head.

Test Print

Execute a test print to check the condition of the print head nozzles and to adjust the print head position.

Ink Level Information

Check the remaining ink levels.

Quiet Mode

You can reduce the operating noise of the machine.

Custom Settings

Change the operation mode of the machine.

Note :

If the computer is unable to communicate with the machine when you select Custom Settings from the pop-up menu, a message appears because the computer cannot obtain the machine status. If this happens, click OK to display the most recent settings specified on your computer.

Paper Source Setting for Plain Paper

When you select Automatically Select for Paper Source, you can change the paper source for plain paper.

Paper Allocation

Specify the size of the plain paper to be fed from the cassette.

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